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i've just been accepted to nyu and am weighing out all my options before i make a decision to go there. studying abroad is something i definitely feel like i would want to eventually do and i know nyu has study abroad but is it possible to spend a semester in a city or country that is not one of the main 9 places (berlin, florence, ghana, london, madrid, paris, prague, or shanghai). I know they have programs to other places during the summer but i was interested in studying abroad for a semester. 

thank you.
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GSP Students Study Abroad

Hey everyone,

I have been accepted into the NYU General Studies Program, the information that came with my acceptance letter said that I have the opportunity to study in London for a semester my freshman year. I was looking through some of this communities previous posts on the study abroad program for GSP students and have learned that studying in London as a freshman is a fairly new concept for the school. I was just wondering if anyone here could offer any insight into the study abroad program (pros, cons, advice, etc.). Thank you in advance, I greatly appreciate any information you have to give on this subject! :)
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RA in London?

Hi guys,
I'm thinking of applying for an RA position in the NYU London program. Does anyone know what the living situation is like for the RA's there? I'm assuming we get our own room, but do we share a flat with other students?
Also, does anyone have any idea how much free time a RA has? I know that these are probably great questions to ask during an interview, but I just want to get a rough idea of what I'm getting myself into.

Matthew B.

Student Loan Investigation

Anyone heard about the student loans investigation? A report was broadcast on CBS News awhile back. Here's the article. This makes me really angry, especially since NYU is increasing tuition fees by something like 5.5% for the 2007-2008 year, and about 3% in housing fees. I certainly hope I've been awarded the financial aid I deserve.

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I'm a freshman journalism major at a university in Rhode Island, minoring in Political Science. While I like my school, I am considering a transfer for my Junior year to somewhere with a more competitive journalism environment, and NYU is one of the schools I am looking at. I was looking at the NYU journalism department's website and saw the summer study abroad program that is held in Russia, and since I am learning Russian this sounds like an amazing opportunity for me. However my first semester grades were less than stellar, and I'm wondering how badly they could affect my chances of being accepted into the program?

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Hello. I was thinking about applying to the NYU in Paris program for Fall 2007 and I was just wondering if anyone who's been could tell me anything about there experiences there? Thank you.