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NYU Study Abroad

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NYU Study Abroad

This is a community to discuss all things study abroad concerning the NYU community. Ask questions concerning your future travels. Share stories of your time abroad. Meet up with other NYU students studying abroad. Gripe. Applaud. Whatever. Make it yours.

Other communities of some degree of relevance or interest to studying or traveling abroad :

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Other communities of some degree of affiliation with NYU :

_tisch_ ; nyu ; nyu2008 ; nyu2009 ; nyu_bookswap ; nyu_gsp ; nyuhousing ; nyu_republicans.

Any additional relevant communities will be considered and added — just make a post about them.

N.B. : This community is not endorsed, authorised, moderated, or affiliated in any way with or by NYU's Study Abroad programme.

Moderated by adrian1698